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Avicenna South Asia Office

Avicenna International College (AIC) re-established its operations in the capital city of India, New Delhi in 2019 and since then we have been recruiting students in our prestigious college. It is under the guidance of our Regional Office Head Mr. Virat Kumar. Further, we have expanded to other South Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and others.

Our Mission

Avicenna International College prepares and educates its students to be responsible citizens, enjoy learning, develop academically and pursue a successful higher education. The passion for knowledge and lifelong learning is an integral part of our education.
Avicenna is a caring, safe and highly academic community with focus on “holistic approach”, “problem-solving” and “interactive learning”.
Avicenna is a caring, safe and highly academic community with focus on “holistic approach”, “problem-solving” and “interactive learning”.


Avicenna International College will be among the most respected international academic and scientific centres which strive to globalize its modern Avicenna-minded approach to the development of human capacities and will become a pioneer model in this respect.
AIC will become a leader among international schools and colleges, recognized for its outstanding students, dedicated faculty and rich educational programs.

Our Team

We have a team of competent members at all levels to guide the students and the consultants at every step of the admission, pre-admission and post-admission procedure be it application, admission, documentation, embassy interviews, pre-departures and etc. They are trained and supported in every way through our South Asia Office and we along with our channel partners work as a team towards a common goal.

Our Roots

AIC has its main campus in Budapest, Hungary and it’s South Asia Office is situated in New Delhi, India with its roots spread in South Asian countries which are Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and others. Our Roots are penetrating in the market providing quality education to the international students.

Our Channel Network

We have a wide network of channel partners spread in different parts of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka and other Asian countries. They work hand in hand with us and give their immense support in building the roots of AIC and it’s upliftment in their respective Markets. Further, AIC is equally supportive to its channel partners in all the ways so that we both can together build the brand and take it to the greater heights.

meet our amazing team in South Asia Office

Mr. Virat Kumar

Regional Office Manager

Ms. Kritika Sachdeva

Business Development Associate

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