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Schengen Visa

Avicenna International College is located in the Schengen area. Students from EU countries and the countries where a visa is not required, can enter Hungary and register at AIC. These students will then be introduced to the Immigration Authority in Budapest.

Residence Permit

When you apply to AIC and after you have been admitted and you take all the steps, we support your application for a Hungarian Schengen residence permit.

Airport Pick-up

When you arrive at Budapest airport, one of our colleagues from Student Center will be waiting to welcome you. Our colleagues can arrange a pick-up only if they know in time your exact arrival date and time.


When you arrive in Budapest, you will be taken to your temporary residence in a hotel of your choice. From the next day of your arrival you will need to look for a residence (apartment, hostel, dormitory, shared home) which will be your residence place during your studies in Budapest.

Vaccination and Medical Care

Most universities and the Immigration Authorities require the students to provide their vaccination report as well as a health certificate issued by a medical doctor.

Books and Educational Material

AIC is dedicated to providing the best education to its students. Although there are many excellent books in the market and AIC uses many of these books, we have decided to compile our own books too.


AIC operates a restaurant certified by the Hungarian Health Authorities. It is important that students get at least one meal during the day which covers the necessary nutrients (such as proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates).

Student Center

As the students arrive in college, they will meet with the friendly staff of the Student Center as their first contact point. The Student Center provides assistance to all students with accommodation, bank issues, medical insurance, examinations, university applications, university registration, and other questions and issues.

Medical Insurance

All AIC students will be insured by GENERALI insurance. They have a 24hours call center and students can contact them with their medical problems to set an appointment to visit a doctor or go to a hospital if needed.


AIC organizes several social and cultural activities during the year. We may pay a visit to sick children at the hospital during Christmas bringing them some small gifts, or organize a charity activity to collect some important items for the people in need.


All students of AIC high school should participate in Physical Education classes according to their weekly schedule.


Avicenna International College operates a library on the third floor. Students are free to use the library for their studies or use the books which are there on open shelves. You can leave the books on the table after reading them or return them to their shelves.

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Student Card

All registered students of Avicenna International College will receive an international student card which is valid for the period of the study at AIC.

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Avicenna International College is an elite private institution providing international education and degrees.

Student center

Appointment System

We are happy to warmly welcome you to Avicenna International College. It is important that we all learn time is important and we should be on time and respect order. This will save time for all of us and we can focus on our studies.

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Avicenna International College (AIC) is accredited by the Hungarian Education Authority under the Ministry of Human Resources and Capacities. The accreditation number of AIC is 201799. AIC is also accredited or recognized by international organizations and accreditation bodies including FEDE (Federation of EDucation in Europe), NCUK (Consortium of UK and other international universities), Cambridge Assessment, Pearson-EDEXCEL, IB (Candidate School).

Hungarian and international students can apply to study at any AIC foundation programs. To be eligible to study at Foundation programs, you should hold a high school diploma or a secondary school leaving certificate. Any kind of national or international high school diploma will be accepted by AIC. Those who hold IB or A Level degrees may also benefit from scholarship possibilities.

You can apply online. Please visit our website (www.avicenna.hu) and go to admission section. Then you should fill the application form and mark the desired course. You will upload the copy of your documents as instructed and then submit your application. Our colleagues at Admission department will soon get in touch with you and send you the Letter of Admission. In some countries like India, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, AIC operates a Representative Office or employs the assistance of Agents and Consultants who are ready to help you with admission and visa matters.

To apply and study at AIC no official language exam is required. We will test your language abilities via Skype interview and an online test.

After you provide your documents and academic records, AIC will decide whether you will need to attend an online interview or not. This is usually to measure your abilities in English language and the relevant sciences. There is no fail or pass result. However, sometimes during the interview it is recognized that the applicant is not ready for the applied course. In this case AIC will provide advice as to how the applicant can get ready for the courses of his/her choice.

No specific test scores are specified for application. Obviously, those who have better test scores and present stronger academic records, they have a better chance of admission and college scholarship.

Yes. If you apply with IGCSE, you can continue your studies towards A Levels. You can also earn your Bilingual Hungarian High School degree. This program is taught in English. You will study also stufy Hungarian as a second language and German. There is also a chance to earn IB degree or earn an American high school diploma. If you already hold an A Level degree, then you can apply for NCUK or other foundation programs at AIC. For example you can study at MFP course to enter into a medicl university in Hungary or any other European university. If you finish IFY of NCUK at Avicenna, then you can move to one of the UK universities and study 3 years to earn your BA/BS degree from a prestigious UK university.

You can apply to Avicenna International College all around the year. There is no definite deadline for application. Some students even apply one or two years in advance to secure a seat for theselves. Students can also arrive in Budapest and join the classes at any point of the time. However, it is important to understand that classes start in September and in January. Admissions are usually given for the following semester or academic year. Students who arrive late should cover the missing material or join the program in the following academic semester/year. AIC takes all the necessary steps to provide online education in parallel to in-classes education for those who may arrive later for any reason.

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