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Our aim is to bring the student's English knowledge to the level of native speakers. This will ensure their success in any English language university and country.

International High School Programs Hungarian Matura (in English) and British A-Levels

International High School Programs Hungarian Matura (in English) and British A-Levels Day School System

International High School of Avicenna International College (AIC) provides an elite, safe, warm, family-type environment in the heart of Budapest for the international students who wish to complete their high school studies in English and get British and Hungarian degrees to facilitate their admission to European, UK, North American and other international universities. AIC services meet all the high European and international standards, yet the fees are tailor-made to meet the needs of the international students and be economic and affordable for the parents.

AIC provides its educational and extracurricular services in two formats:
  • International Boarding High School (7 days/week with full time boarding)
  • International Day High School (5 days/week, from morning to afternoon)

  • AIC covers tuition, books, sport, food, cultural programs and other services that are required for the successful studies and living of our international students in Hungary.
    Fees (in EURO)
    • Application Fee (paid once, non-refundable) 100 €
    • Annual Parental Tuition Contribution Fee 12,000 €
    • Consular Interview Training 100 €
    • Registration Fee (paid once, non-refundable) 800 €
    • Books, Handouts and Supplies(per year) 800 €
    • Insurance (per year) (Hungarian students show their home insurance) 200 or 1000 €
    • University Admission Services (paid once, non-refundable) 1000€
    • Sport Uniform (2 sets) 800
    • School Uniform (2 sets) 1000
    • Visa and Residence Permit Services (when applicable) 500 €


Érettségi is the official high school graduation degree provided by the Hungarian Government, the Education Authority. Students at AIC, can study general high school programmes that lead the students to engineering, business, and art fields. AIC students can also choose to study in a natural science programme, designed for medical and biology university studies. Students study from 9th to 12th grade to earn their degrees. Those who have finished 8 years of studies at a school can apply to AIC, however, students from other Hungarian and international high schools can apply for transfer too. Those who need extra support in languages and sciences may need to attend the Pre-High School Year which prepares the students for successful secondary studies at AIC. At the end of their studies, our students will get a C1 (high level) English language certificate issued by the Hungarian Government.

International A-Level

The international Advanced Level is a British high school educational degree developed by Cambridge University. This degree is highly prestigious and revered internationally. AIC is an education and examination center for international A-Level exams, accredited by EDEXCEL. In this system, students choose 3 subjects such as mathematics, physics, business or history, depending on the field of their choice for university studies. AIC teachers will help the students to choose the subjects. AIC students get all the training for the exams, and they take the exams in their own school in Budapest. Many students from other countries and schools come to Avicenna International College to take the A-Level exams. Upon successful completion of the requirements, the A-Level certificate is issued by EDEXCEL.

American High School Diploma

AIC is accredited and partnered with EDMENTUM from the USA to provide the credits and courses of American high school programmes. By completing 23 credits, our students can also earn an official US high school diploma via EDMENTUM. This will greatly help those who would like to continue their university studies in the USA or Canada.AMFP graduates are among the best medical students of Europe. The admission rates are above 90%, and the drop-outs during the first university year are extremely low.

Avicenna - Semmelweis Scholarship Program

Qualified Hungarian and  international students can apply for the “Avicenna – Semmelweis Scholarship Program” . These scholarships are granted based on past academic, social, and sports history. The financial need of the applicants are also considered. To receive consideration, the “Scholarship Application Form” must be filled out and submitted at the same time with the “Application for Admission” at Avicenna International College.

Scholarship awards are non-transferable and must be used for the semester and for the campus for which the student is accepted. Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average of 4 during their study, attend all the classes, exams, and tests and actively participate in the social and cultural(csp), and sport life of the college. Failure to do so will result in a loss of the award.

Students can apply for one or more items of financial support in the framework of the Avicenna – Semmelweis Scholarship Program. The type and amount of support will be decided by the scholarship committee and will be officially announced to the student and parents. All applicants should pay the relevant fees at the time of application to AIC. The scholarship and financial supports, as indicated in the letter of the scholarship award, will be paid or supported in Budapest after the arrival and registration of the student at AIC.

AIC reserves the right to review all the scholarship applications and decide on accepting or denying the application and decide on the type and amount of scholarship awarded to any individual applicant. The Avicenna Semmeslweis Scholarship Program is NOT a general right for every student studying at AIC.

*AIC may require further documents from the applicant to be able to review the application fairly. Avicenna International College reserves the right to add, discontinue, or modify its programs and policies at any time, including this Avicenna Scholarship Program. Submission of Scholarship Application is not a guarantee for receiving any scholarship award. Avicenna Semmelweis Scholarship Program is NOT a general right for all the admitted students to AIC. Modifications subsequent to the original publication of this information may not be reflected here.

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